Visiting hospitals as a patient or attending family, you might be filled with fears, not knowing what to do or where to go. If you meet a kind volunteer who speaks to you in a gentle voice, it will help ease your fears.
Hospital volunteer services vary widely depending upon the facility, but they offer a variety of opportunities as follows;


Outpatient Floor 

Supporting reception

Guidance for outpatients

Assisting patients with wheelchairs

Interpretation ; foreign languages, Japanese sign-language






Inpatient Wards 

・Assisting hospitalization procedures

・In the pediatric ward Playing with inpatient
  children and providing tutorials

・Assisting to serve meals to the patients

・Washing and cleaning,

・Accompanying patients on a walk and talking
 with them





・Making sanitary items etc.





Assisting events at hospital 

The Girl's Festival, Cherry blossom-viewing, the Star Festival, Summer festival, Moon viewing , Christmas party, concert, etc.

Plan, operation and help in each event




・Managing herb gardens to comfort patients

・Taking care of flower gardens







Holding bazaars with handmade articles and enjoying lectures and workshops with patients