Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association (NHVA) is a nonprofit organization that contributes to the social welfare in Japan through supporting hospital volunteers and hospital volunteer organizations which offer relief and comfort to the people coming to and staying at hospitals. NHVA provides various consultion and adsvice to support hospital volunteerism for sound progress and promotion in the field of health care and social welfare.

Consultation and advice

~Volunteers ~

Consultation in volunteer sevices

Request to hold training courses and lectures

Inquiry about hopitals for volunteer services

Personal sesire for volunteer services … etc.


How to start hospital volunteer servives

Types of available volunteer servives

How to recruit volunteers

Guidance for introduction of volunnteer services

How to coordinate volunteer services

Volunteer’s uniform…. etc.



The History of Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association

1959. Ms.Fusako Hirose MD, the first president of NHVA, traveled to the US by
         invitation of the Dep. of State for
Personnel-Exchange Program. She 
  observed volunteers in service at the Mount Auburn Hospital in the
         suburbs of Boston, and was deeply impressed.

1962. Ms. Hirose’s proposal for providing volunteer services was accepted by
           Yodogawa Christian Hospital.
           She initiated volunteer services with three beauticians.

1970.The Hospital Liaison Committee was formed (11 hospitals in the Hanshin 
          region joined as members). 

1974.The first General Conference of NHVA was held to consolidate the
          organization (34 hospitals in
Kansai, Kanto, Chubu and Hokuriku regions
          participated in the Association)

2000. NPO Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association started.

2012. 216 hospital volunteer groups(13,000 volunteers) are members of NHVA.


NHVA membership

NHVA is supported by the following membership.

(1) Regular member    Annual Dues3,000
      Volunteer groups affiliated to NHVA and directors of NHVA

(2) Supporting member (organization)       Annual Duesin units of ¥10,000
      Hospitals where affiliated volunteer groups provide services and other
      organizations that consent to the purport of NHVA and support it’s activity.

(3) Supporting member (individual )          Annual Duesin unit of ¥3,000
 Individuals that consent to the purport of NHVA and support it’s activity.

Member will get the NHVA bulletin and can attend the courses and lectures  for free.
For inquiries, please email us,  NHVA


The mark expresses two hands tied together as a symbol of unity and continuation. In 1977, Ms.Fusako Hirose MD, the first president of NHVA devised a badge of NHVA with this design to present it at the annual general meeting of NHVA as a token of gratitude to the people who have offered volunteer services over 1000 hours.